By: Gayle Dendinger Issue: Global Trade Section: Letter From The Publisher

Not Just a Magazine But a Mission

ICOSA Earth is home to four massive ecosystems consisting of the atmosphere (air), hydrosphere (water) lithosphere (minerals) and biosphere (plants, animals, humans). Everything that hails from these “Great Groups” is interconnected.

The awesome potential of these connections is a reality, whether or not we acknowledge this power, understand it or choose to ignore it. The fact that everything is connected can be good news or devastating depending upon what is connected and how well it is managed.

Mother Nature understands interconnected and complex networks. Starting with atoms, she eventually created cells with complex DNA strands that evolved into slime, moss, and plants. From this same slime, animals evolved into frogs, dinosaurs, birds, monkeys, and people. Within all life forms are interconnected organs, like the brain, which consist of billions of interconnected neurons acting simultaneously to enable incredible functions – such as talking, walking, and thinking.

When systems fail, or produce the wrong results, big problems can result. Misunderstanding, overusing, or abusing interconnected systems can lead to regression in relationships such as drought, pollution, global warming, disease and the extinction of many species. When connected networks work well, great productivity is possible.

The rings and radii in the background represent the ICOSA network that we are building. It is filling up with leaders in business, politics, education and social entrepreneurs. We are collaborating and connecting with these organizations because we recognize that they are the ones who can and are making a real difference in the world. For me, the concentric rings in the model represent geographies – families are represented by that inner ring and global connections are represented by the outside ring. Businesses/social organizations, cities, states, regions, and national organizations represent the rings in between.

I firmly believe that by working together, we can address key issues through a “connected and collaborative” network which enables the creation of a shared vision and the alignment of human and other resources. By working together entrepreneurially, we can put these assets to work with leveraged and sustainable results by working proactively and positively on the front side instead of panic and dread after it is too late. By being collaborative we can connect our social networks and truly leave this world a “better place for our children.”