I Am Inspired by Big Ideas and Smart People

By: Gayle Dendinger Issue: Big Ideas, Smart People Section: Letter From The Publisher Inspired by Big Ideas

I am beyond ecstatic to be writing this letter to you. If it weren’t for some of the people featured in our magazine, I would not be typing this on the computer or submitting it via email to our editor. In this issue, we are featuring stories on people who are or have literally CHANGED THE WORLD!

JCI World President Scott Greenlee works with young individuals to start them down the path toward leadership. The organization, started in the early 1900’s, has successfully produced numerous corporate leaders.

Dr. Rick Hodes spends his days helping the poorest of the poor, treating spinal tuberculosis, scoliosis, heart disease, and cancer on the streets of Ethiopia.

Steve Werner works with international nonprofits to build stronger programs and strategies. He has been instrumental in deploying clean water and sanitation strategies in developing nations across Latin American, Africa, and Asia.

Colorado’s newest city, Centennial, focuses on high citizen engagement and involvement, purposefully lean and efficient government, and collaborative partnerships, in order to get the job done.

Ted White’s leadership and passion for the community extends far beyond his job as a lawyer.

Then there is Chuck Adelman who is working to revolutionize the entertainment industry by providing media programming dedicated to health, wellness, positivity, and global philanthropy.

Polly Letofsky is another "big ideas" person. She walked 14,000 miles over four continents to promote breast cancer awareness. Collaborating with various Lions’ clubs, Rotary Clubs, and the Red Cross, Letofsky successfully spread her message around the world.

Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, revolutionized technology as we know it, all the while working using his skills in the community to relate and make change at a personal level.

Larry Roberts, the builder of the ARPANET, laid the foundation for the modern day Internet. He founded Telenet, now Sprint, which became the first commercial packet switching carrier in the world.

Vint Cerf, is one of the designers of the Internet as we know it today.

Or maybe it is one of the many Nobel Peace Laureates included in this issue.

Looking back over the last two years that ICOSA has been in existence, I am inspired by the connections and collaborations that occur with and between those within these pages. Whomever it is that influences, excites, or serves as a focal point for service—connect with them, share your ideas, and make the change in the world that you want to see.

-Gayle Dendinger