By:Kristin De La Oliva Issue: Biennial of the Americas 2010 Section:The Americas Roundtables

The Colombian Singer/Songwriter Engages in Social Responsibility


Juan Fernando Fonseca, known as Fonseca, won both a Latin Grammy for his hit song Te Mando Flores, (I Send You Flowers) and an MTV Latin America Tongue award for his video Como me Mira, (How You Look at Me) in 2006. Fonseca has used his popularity as a recording artist to promote more social awareness and change around the world, especially in his native Colombia. This was evident in his participation at The Americas Roundtable on Philanthropy where he shared the stage with other dignitaries. After the Roundtable session, he shared his opinions regarding Colombia’s current situation as the country moves forward from a troubled past. He said, “Currently there are partnerships within the private sector and the government. However, if they want to move forward, they need to trust each other. If a private company is going to donate a sum of money, the government must ensure that the money is used correctly to avoid corruption.”

As an artist and public figure, Fonseca believes that he has a social responsibility to his community. However, he believes that everyone has social responsibility to their communities, not just public figures. He said, “Colombia is in a reconciliation process. The public’s needs must be addressed. People who have just put their guns down, those who have decided to leave the guerrilla life, need to be re-incorporated back into society.”

Commenting on the political divisions that are currently happening within South America, Fonseca predicts that South America will once again be united as it has been in the past. Because the cultural union among all of the South American countries is strong, he believes that if the public and private sectors continue to work together in good faith, Colombia and other Latin countries can successfully achieve the reconciliation process and be united.