Signature Events:  Bold leadership, bold ideas

State of the State

At the start of each legislative session, we host a moderated interview with Colorado’s Governor.  This lively exchange gives the Governor an opportunity to share business priorities and answer top-of-mind questions from the business community.

View from the Top

CEOs from America’s largest companies dicuss the unique challenges and opportunities they face in leading fortune companies.  Former speakers include: John Hayes, CEO, Ball Corporation; Mike Fries, CEO, Liberty Global; Hikmet Erset, CEO, Western Union; Steven Demetriou, CEO, Jacobs Engineering; and Adam Contros, CEO RE/MAX Holding Group.

State of Workforce

Colorado Business Roundtable hosts an annual event around issues such as higher education and workforce to better understand and meet the challenges for the future of Colorado’s workforce readiness.

Deloitte’s origins in accounting stretch back 150 years, and now we’ve grown to nearly three hundred thousand employees across the globe in 90 countries. As the Managing Partner of the Denver office it’s important for our team to be a part of the community, professionally and philanthropically. The Colorado Business Roundtable is a connector that brings people together.  Through the Colorado Business Roundtable events I can connect with many other business leaders and hear what’s top of mind for them in terms of business, economic growth, challenges and opportunities which helps in executing our business focus:  serving our clients and helping them solve their toughest problems.

Chris Schmidt, Deloitte

Member Events:  In-Depth, Personal, and Impactful

Policy Roundtables

Colorado Business Roundtable hosts invitation-only policy roundtables on a variety of business issues that are top-of-mind for today’s business and elected leaders.  We have a reputation for convening, collaborating, and putting forth innovative solutions from the business community.

State Legislative Reception

Colorado Business Roundtable fosters positive interactions and relationships between top Colorado elected officials and businesses.  This annual legislative reception provides a chance for elected officials and business leaders to connect informally.

Congressional Briefings and Conference Calls

Colorado Business Roundtable hosts in-person Roundtable in addition to interactive conference calls with Colorado’s 7 United States Representatives and 2 United States Senators to hear about federal business priorities from elected leaders and provide feedback.

Community Committee

Business are committed to investing in and working with their local communities to provide support, increase economic development and offer a helping hand in times of crisis.  Our Community Committee brings together collaboration and action between the business and nonprofit communities.

Workforce and Education Committee

Through the Colorado Business Roundtable Workforce and Education Committee, our business leaders meet annually to collaborate on ways to strengthen Colorado’s workforce pipeline and skills.  The annual State of Workforce event brings state and national allies together.

In Good to Great, Jim Collins states, ‘True success, whether in public, private or nonprofit sector, requires articulating a common vision and inspiring diverse groups of people to achieve a common goal.’  When I founded the Colorado Business Roundtable, I envisioned a need for a venue for Colorado leaders to better work with each other in the academic, business, community and government arena.  Using the power of networks, we have achieved extraordinary results.

Gayle Dendinger, CAP Logistics

Please contact us for a specific partnership or event sponsorship proposal that best meets the needs of your organization.

Annual Partnership

Partnership is open to businesses, nonprofits and organizations who want to engage in amplifying the voice of business in Colorado.  Please contact us at 303-376-6362 or [email protected] for a specific partnership proposal that best meets the needs of your organization.  Click here to view Partnership Packages.

Event Sponsorship

Event sponsorships are open to businesses, nonprofits and organizations—large and small—who want to engage in amplifying the voice of business in Colorado.  Sponsoring one of our roundtables, webinars, briefings or signature events – such as the Annual State of the State and View From the Top – gives your organization exposure to hundreds of Colorado leaders from business, academia, community and government.


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