Board of Directors

Gary Nuss

Senior Vice President, Jacobs Engineering

Gary Nuss is a Senior Vice President at Jacobs, responsible for providing executive leadership of project and client development for the firm’s People & Places Solutions business within the Americas Region. In this role, Gary leads teams that assist clients in the development and implementation of large building and infrastructure projects and programs across North America.

Gary has personally led a wide variety of large, complex water and wastewater infrastructure programs and projects. He served as Chief Operating Officer for Scottish Water Solutions, a public-private partnership joint venture created with Scottish Water. Scottish Water Solutions had cradle to grave responsibility to deliver 300 water and wastewater infrastructure projects across Scotland with a total invested value nearing $1B. Gary also served as the general manager of one of the largest design-build-operate programs in the U.S. with an international joint venture consortium. This $600-million program was developed to provide water, wastewater, and storm water services for the City of Stockton, the 12th largest city in California.

Throughout these large programs, Gary collaborates with multiple entities, stakeholders, and agencies, providing executive direction to team members, leading partnering efforts, negotiating water rights issues, and reaching consensus on important decisions that impact critical water and wastewater infrastructure systems, with the goal to manage water resources more effectively to the benefit of water users.