CSBR Western Colorado Road Trip



Dates and locations for the 2017 CSBR Road Trips will be announced in the spring.  Feel free to contact Joe Rice in the meantime if you have any questions or would like to be included in the planning.  joe.rice@lmco.com or 720-251-3346

Western Slope Road Trip: July 10 - 14, 2017


Monday, July 10:  Denver to Durango: 332 Miles / 6 Hours

0900 – 1500: Drive to Durango

1500 – 1700: Visit AMPT

1700 – 1800: Check In / Personal Time

1800 – 2100: Community Meeting, Reception, and Star Gazing at FLC (tentatively) 



Tuesday, July 11:  Durango to Grand Junction: 167 Miles / 3.5 Hours

0830 – 1000:  Breakfast with Community Officials

1000 – 1400:  Drive to Grand Junction

1400 – 1600:  Check In / Personal Time

1600 – 1900:  Community Meeting and Reception



Wednesday, July 12: Grand Junction to Montrose:  60 Miles / 1.5 Hours

1200 – 1400: Visit Wren

1400 – 1600: Drive to Montrose

1600 – 1800: Check In Personal Time

1800 – 2100: Community Meeting and Reception


Thursday, July 13: CLUB 20 in Montrose



Friday, July 14: Montrose to Denver: 302 Miles / 5 Hours

0900 – 1500: Drive to Denver




Thank You To Our Already Committed Sponsor!




The Colorado Space Business Roundtable (CSBR) is visiting communities around the state to:

  1. Meet with local businesses that are interested in becoming a supplier or subcontractor to the larger aerospace companies such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Sierra Nevada, United Launch Alliance, Teledyne Brown Engineering and many others. Opportunities are not limited to businesses that currently work in aerospace.  Almost any product or service could potentially have opportunity.
  2. Meet with local officials, students, educators, and anyone who is interested to learn about the impact aerospace has on our nation, state, and the benefits to every community in Colorado.
  3. Meet with students and educators to discuss educational opportunities such as internships and other programs involving Colorado aerospace companies and organizations.

Key Information:

  • There is no charge to participate. Many meals and events are sponsored, but participants must pay their own expenses for anything that is not sponsored.
  • CSBR Members:  You may register to ride in the vanpool or to drive yourself.  If you vanpool, you are committed to attend the entire trip (unless you make arrangements for someone to pick you up along the way, etc.).  The vanpool will depart from the designated hotel each morning.  
  • You must make your own hotel arrangements.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Participating in Road Trips:

  • If you want to sponsor, please also register as a sponsor at whatever level you choose.
  • Some meals are sponsored, but everyone is responsible for any meals or expenses that are not sponsored.
  • When the final schedule is released, it will include information of hotels to make your own reservations. Everyone must make their own hotel reservations directly with each hotel.
  • You can stay anywhere you like, unless you are in the vanpool, then you need to use the listed hotels.
  • You can attend the entire road trip or just portions of it (if you drive yourself).
  • Everyone and every organization gets to speak/present as time at each stop allows. If time is limited, then sponsors get priority. Register below to be a sponsor. 

More information can also be learned by watching this video of a past Road Trips here


If you have questions or need more information, please contact:

Joe Rice